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The Best Way To Cleanse Your Face For Glowing Skin

Are you washing your face correctly? Read on for some important anti-aging tips on am, pm, and weekly cleansing routines. Plus, the importance of double cleansing at bedtime!

Do you often feel like your skincare routine isn’t working? That your anti-aging serums are a waste of money and the only way to revive your skin is a pricey spa facial?

If this sounds familiar, I may have a very simple solution for your skincare woes —cleansing.

Cleansing is by far the most important step in your skincare routine. Furthermore, the way in which you cleanse your face matters.

In this post, I’ll explain why cleansing is so important, how it impacts the rest of your routine, how to cleanse your face properly and show you three cleansing methods you can start today for instant results.

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What is Cleansing & Why Does it Matter?

Cleansing is the foundation of a skincare routine, especially an anti-aging one.

It removes all of the day’s dirt, grime, and makeup from your pores creating a 'clean slate' for the rest of your skincare products to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. This is where they do their best work!

It also supports the skin’s renewal cycle that happens while you sleep.

How To Cleanse Your Face Properly

In order to get your pores squeaky clean, it’s necessary to spend at least a minute massaging the cleanser into your face. This action is two-fold, it warms and softens the pores helping to lift out dirt and bacteria while stimulating the lymphatic system which helps to flush toxins out of the body.

Should I Cleanse My Face In The Morning?

Lots of people think cleansing their face in the morning is pointless —how dirty can my skin get while I sleep?

This dirty...

Every night your pillowcase absorbs a cocktail of sweat, toxins, water, sebum, and dead skin cells. Because while you’re fast asleep your skin’s “repair and renewal” cycle is activated. Meaning it’s regenerating new skin cells, shedding dead ones, losing moisture (transepidermal water loss), eliminating toxins through sweat, and producing sebum.

Needless to say, skipping the morning cleanse could leave a layer of impurities on your skin that make skincare products far less effective.


If you or your loved ones suffer from acne changing the pillowcase more frequently, in some cases daily has proven successful in preventing breakouts.


1. The Morning Cleanse

Use a gentle cleanser in the morning. Avoid exfoliating acids in the morning because they can cause photosensitivity that leads to skin damage. Save them for your night routine.

  1. Use small circular motions to work the cleanser into your face and neck

  2. Massage every area of your face and neck for at least 60 seconds

  3. Rinse with warm water and a muslin face cloth

Now your skin is prepared for the rest of your morning routine: toner, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid serum, and day cream/SPF.

2. The Bedtime Cleanse (AKA The Double Cleanse)

Cleansing is especially important at night. The double cleanse is a two-step process that involves the oil cleansing method to break down makeup, grease, and dirt. Followed by a gentle, liquid-based cleanser —or an exfoliating cleanser if you have oily skin, to remove all traces of make-up and oil from the pores.

  1. Pre-Cleanse: Use small circular motions to massage cleansing oil or balm into a dry face and neck for 1-2 minutes (the longer the better)

  2. Use warm water and a muslin face cloth to remove the oil *cover your face with the warm cloth for a few seconds to get a mini steam

  3. 2nd Cleanse: Wash your face with either a cleansing gel or exfoliating cleanser

Now your skin is prepared for the rest of your evening routine: toner, night serum, and night cream.


Enhance your cleansing routine with an ultrasonic cleansing device. Studies show that the use of a massage device for just 30 seconds, twice a day for 8 weeks improves muscle thickness and boosts skin rejuvenation.

3. The Deep Cleanse

Another way to get professional spa-like results from your daily cleanser is with a weekly deep cleanse. This cleansing routine uses steam to unclog pores getting rid of blackheads.

  1. Remove makeup and make sure the skin is clean before you steam

  2. 5-10 Minute Steam: Use a portable facial steamer, or boiled water and a glass bowl with a towel draped over your head and shoulders

  3. Oil Cleanse: Massage cleansing oil into the face and neck taking your time to work on congested areas for 2-3 minutes *use a cleansing device for faster results

  4. 2nd Cleanse: Wash off oil with a gentle cleansing gel or exfoliating cleanser


After toner apply a nutrient-rich overnight mask for soft, supple, radiant results!

I hope the importance of cleansing makes a little more sense now. Combining these cleansing methods with an anti-aging skincare routine can truly transform your skin.


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Welcome to my little piece of cyberspace! I'm Gabrielle, and I show women how to cut through the marketing BS, understand skincare labels, find non-toxic beauty products —and achieve their skin glow goals!

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