Having spent most my life in the modelling and TV industry I've experienced more than my fair share of beauty products. I realized early on in my career that most makeup did not agree with my sensitive skin.

I considered this an occupational hazard of a glamorous job for the first 5 years of my career. Then I began to school myself on ingredient lists! This is how I discovered that it wasn't all beauty products I was allergic to, it was just the ones that contained certain chemical ingredients.

I searched high and low for kinder more natural products to try to help my skin once I became more aware of how toxic makeup can be. Fast forward 20 years and my obsession with skincare led me to beauty school where I qualified in beauty therapy. I set up an online skin coaching business because I felt there was a massive part of aftercare missing in professional treatments. Not to mention the amount of confusion around anti-aging skincare.

I created The Rich Skin Club because twenty years in front of the camera (plastered in toxic makeup!) and ten years in the skincare industry has taught me how to take care of my skin and keep wrinkles at bay –the non-toxic way! 

The Rich Skin Club is a community of like-minded women who care about what they put on their bodies just as much as what they put in it. We help women transform their skin by teaching them exactly how to treat their skin type, problems and conditions for fast, visible result. 

I want women to feel confident and happy to go makeup-free again!

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