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Debbie George

Holistic Life Coach

I had felt that it was time to seriously step up my level of skincare, as I had begun to notice gradual signs of crows feet, puffy eyes, deeper laughter lines and new lines on my forehead, which I was not at all happy about. 


Being in my mid-fifties and now considered mature (God only knows where all that time went!)  it was now time to attempt to start ageing backwards!


It is extremely important to me that my skincare products are in harmony with nature. I am only interested in pure, all-natural and organic, quality products that not only enhance my skin and appearance but also my mind and spirit when using them.


After having a consultation with Gabi, I felt confident she could deliver exactly what I needed, especially as she herself is a walking advert for what she does, with her stunning looks and flawless skin, and she too believed in using ethical and natural products.


What I love about her recommendations is that she always gives you a selection of products to choose from, with different price ranges. She tells you exactly what's in the products, so you know what you're getting. 


There are sooo many beauty products in the market, having someone to do the hard and time-consuming work of researching effective quality products is priceless in my book, and the icing on the cake is that she creates lovely personalised step by step detailed, AM and PM skincare routines and well as weekly treatment plans, so you have absolutely no doubt about how and when to use the awesome products.


I happily invested in the range of products suggested by Gabi, which I thoroughly enjoy using and this has now become a daily ritual of self-care that I look forward to doing every morning and every night. 


Within 10 days of beginning my new regime, I saw a remarkable improvement. My ageing lines were softer and my skin had a youthful glow again, needless to say, I was hugely impressed, and I am now ageing backwards as planned.


Since working with Gabi, she has kept in regular contact with me, checking how I am getting on with the products and invites me to feel free to contact her if I have any issues or questions. This is so reassuring knowing she is at the end of the phone or email, should I need her.


Thank you Gabi for showing up in my life like a Genie, just when I needed you. I value your guidance and advice and thank you for granting me my wish of youthful and glowing skin again.


Forever Grateful 

Debbie George x

(New Lifetime Customer)

Andrea Lewis.JPG

Andrea Lewis

Hair & Makeup Artist

I have always believed in putting non-toxic products on my skin but found it all so confusing as labels can be very misleading. Gabrielle went through all my products and recommended non-toxic alternatives that don't break the bank.  The effect on my skin has been amazing!  I could see and feel the difference straight away.  I love my new skincare routine and the knowledge I have gained is second to none.  I would not hesitate to recommend The Rich Skin Club to anyone!

Beth Cowan.JPG

Beth Cowan

The Rose Sanctuary

Running my own business, taking care of other peoples beauty needs every day, and the general chaos of life, I found that I was neglecting my own skin. Gabi came to me for a facial and I'm so glad she did because she has completely helped me get my skin back on track!

My skincare plan was full of really useful and insightful tips and ingredients to look out for. Plus, lovely products I never would have found. I also love that I have the peace of mind and comfort during my pregnancy knowing that my products are toxic-free. Priceless skincare advice, even for licensed beautician!

Steve Mckoy.jpg

Steve Mckoy

The Raw MckoyHealth Club

As someone who leads a healthy lifestyle and who understands the importance of what we put on our skin, I was wanting to take my skincare to the next level. A friend introduced me to Gabrielle at just the right time because I was not happy with my current products, which were all-natural, organic and vegan. Or so I thought.. I was left speechless when it was revealed to me that 90% of my products contained synthetic ingredients.


I was provided with a thoroughly researched list of genuinely natural, non-toxic alternative skincare products specifically for my skin type. I have now been using my new regimen for 3 months, and I have to say the difference to my skin has been remarkable. I noticed improvements within 2-3 weeks, I have firmer, smoother, more radiant skin and my shaving bump issues are a thing of the past!


I found Gabrielle's personal approach, research and knowledge to be second to none and her honesty and genuine passion for helping people very refreshing. I would recommend The Rich Skin Club services in a heartbeat.

Connie Henry.JPG

Connie Henry

Track Academy / Sport Gives Back Awards

In the run-up to filming a documentary last year, I enlisted Gabrielle's help to get me camera ready. I keep my skincare routine incredibly simple, which I appreciated her taking into account. My skincare plan was customized to my lifestyle and exactly what I have the time and energy to do.

Three months before filming I began my new skincare regime and within days I could see and feel improvements, and best of all was able to wear less makeup! Gabrielle has now changed the way I take care of my skin forever. I've no idea what I was doing before!

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