Quarantine Beauty: How To Safely Remove Your Acrylic & Gel Nails At Home

Avoid quarantine nail disasters with this straight forward removal guide.

Are you worried about your acrylic or gel nail refills during this lock down?

Well, you should be. I'm not trying to be an alarmist. But please, don't ignore your nails thinking you can ride this quarantine wave out till your next salon visit. You risk damaging your own nails and even developing a fungal infection.

If, like many other women your nails are growing more unsightly by the day, the best thing to do is remove yourself!

I've created two easy removal guides for both acrylic and gel nails. Just follow the steps, it's not difficult it's just time consuming!

Here's what you will need;

For Acrylic Nails

  1. Bottle of 99% pure acetone

  2. 100/180 grit nail file

  3. Buffer/sanding block

  4. Glass bowl/Acetone resistant bowl

  5. Cuticle oil

  6. Nail Strengthener

  7. Polishing buffer

For Gel Nails

  1. A Gel Removal Kit

  2. Orange sticks

  3. Buffer/sanding block

  4. 240/180 grit nail file

  5. Cuticle oil

  6. Nail Strengthener

  7. Cotton pads

  8. Polishing buffer

Directions To Remove Acrylic Nails

Set up your glass bowl in a safe area, on top of a towel. Preferably at a table so you don't injure your back. Then find something to watch on YouTube or Netflix on.. this is gonna take a while! Make sure you have your phone, your 180 file, buffing block next to your bowl plus some kitchen paper.

  1. Pour enough acetone into the bowl to cover your nails completely. Put your stop clock on your phone and place your nails in the bowl (soak one hand at a time)

  2. After 15 minutes take your nails out. Wipe them with kitchen paper and use the 100 grit side of file to buff away at the lifted acrylic.

  3. Once you've filed off as much as you can, put your nails back in the bowl and soak for another 10 minutes. You're going to repeat this process for about 45-50 minutes. Keep taking them out, filing and soaking till you've removed as much as you can.

  4. Repeat on your other hand. Be careful not to file the surface of the nail plate. Any stubborn bits can be buffed off with a sanding block.

  5. Buff your nails with the 4 sided buffer to smooth and polish.

  6. Shape your nails with the 180 grit side of nail file.

  7. Massage cuticle oil in your nails and hands.

  8. Allow 10 minutes for the oil to soak in and nourish your nails and then apply a coat of nail strengthener. Apply another two coats that day then two every day thereafter.

It's a really tedious job, but you will get it all off in the end. And if you don't remove them you risk terrible damage to your nails and even infection.

Once you have removed all of the acrylic from your nails they are going to be very weak and damaged. Massaging cuticle oil into them twice a day will heal and help them. Check out my DIY cuticle oil recipe and also how to do our own manicure at home.

Directions To Remove Gel Nails

Set up your area at a table and have your phone close to hand, along with kitchen paper, your removal kit, orange sticks, buffing block, nail file and Youtube or Netflix.. this is gonna take a while too.. not as long as acrylic removal, but close.

  1. Saturate the cotton pad on the gel remover wrap with acetone. Place wrap under the finger with the edge of cotton pad underneath the free edge of your nail.

  2. Fold the cotton pad over the top of your nail.

  3. Fold the foil around the sides of your finger ensuring a snug fit.

  4. Once all your fingers are wrapped set your timer for 10-16 minutes.

  5. Securely grip your finger and apply slight pressure to the nail. Using a twisting motion pull the wrap and gel from the nail. If a significant amount of gel remains on your nail rewrap and soak it for a couple more minutes.

  6. If necessary, gently slide off any remaining product with an orange stick. Be careful not to scrape the nail plate surface.

  7. Rub your nail with a cotton pad soaked in acetone to remove any product residue.

  8. Buff your nails with the 4 sided buffer to smooth and shine.

  9. Shape nails with a 100/120 grit file.

  10. Repeat on your other hand.

  11. Massage cuticle oil in your nails and hands.

  12. Allow 10 minutes for the oil to soak in and nourish your nails and then apply a coat of nail strengthener. Apply another two coat that day then two every day thereafter.

What with all this lock down hassle, why not grow your own nails? It's easier than you think.

Even if you have weak or brittle nails a little bit of commitment to a regular nail care routine will get strong and healthy. I promise!

By following these 5 tips to grow your nails and giving yourself a manicure every 7-10 days will strengthen your nails and prevent breakages.


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